Brash at Work

Chris and Anne Carter, Brian and Ann McGuinness, and Rik and Jenny Nitert are the owners of Brash Vineyard.

Chris and Anne are the managing partners and live on the vineyard along with their vineyard dog ‘Mitsey’. They are responsible for the marketing and sales of Brash wines, and work in the vineyard doing all those jobs that don’t always get done!

The annual grape production is approximately 135 tonnes of which the large majority is sold to some of the regions premium producers. Approximately 10% of the fruit grown is used to make the Brash Vineyard wines.

The original plantings were in 2000 under the direction of our vineyard contractor Andy Ferreira who is still managing the viticulture side of the operation with his team from Riverace Contractors.

Brash Vineyard aims to implement the best viticulture practise available and have a policy of 'continual improvement' which ensures we take advantage of developments in viticulture as and when they occur.

Brash Vineyard wines are made at 'Naturaliste Vintners' under the close attention of owner and senior winemaker Bruce Dukes. Brash wines are low volume wines created to the highest possible standard. There are only 250 cases of each of our four wines available each year and if fruit quality is not available due to the influences of weather, we will not make the wine.

Our emphasis is fine wine from specific sites on our vineyard.